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How "A State Of the Health Report" Is the Path To Groundbreaking Performance for your organisation?

Employee Wellbeing: A new competitive advantage

Employee Wellbeing is rapidly becoming a competitive advantage for businesses. This means, keeping the workforce healthy and engaged is more imperative today than ever to sustain talent, productivity, and high performance at work.

At the same time, employee wellbeing is not just the absence of illness but also about optimising their health and wellbeing. Like any other business initiative, it is necessary to ensure the effectiveness and outcomes of a workplace wellbeing program.

Poorly Engaged Wellbeing Initiatives:

It's been decades now, since scientific researchers found a complex interplay between employee health and performance at work. However, wellbeing programs initiated by workplaces are still under-utilised and poorly engaged by the workforce.

Engagement is the heart of any wellbeing initiative in an organisation. Employees engage when the benefits are personalised for them. With engagement, there will be positive behaviour change and ultimately outcomes.

Harnessing the Power of Data:

Most wellbeing initiatives are decided by intuition rather than data-driven and scientific approach. The design of wellbeing initiatives should be based on demographics, psychographics, prevailing health risks and conditions, employee aspirations towards wellbeing, etc.

Data that leads to insights into the workforce's health, wellbeing, and performance needs are undoubtedly the keys to better initiative design. It will ultimately result in engagement and outcomes.

The State of the Health Report:

Resolute "State of the Health Report" for organisations to plan and design effective workplace wellness interventions and programs that best fit their workforce.

The state of the health report is a compilation of current health levels of the workforce collected through the Health Status Assessment (HSA), and Health Intelligence Test that covers markers and computes functional health indicators, healthspan, and longevity indicators. A blueprint will be generated for every member of the workplace which offers a clear-cut path to optimise their health through science-backed wellness strategies.

The health data will be aggregated and anonymised before insights are generated. The state of the health report ultimately becomes a tool to understand where the workforce stands from the optimal health baseline. This will help organisation to focus on the areas that require intervention and investment.

The Key Focus of the “State of the Health Report”

Data on Healthspan & Longevity:

Currently, India is one of those countries that have a high mortality rate (about 60%) caused by Non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, COPD, stroke, obesity, metabolic diseases, etc. Mostly, they are lifestyle-based health conditions that also have the possibility of reducing their risk through health and behavioural changes including nutrition, mindset, movement, stress reduction, sleep etc.

The state of the health report offers a detailed bird's view of the health risk population in an organisation including cohorts which requires immediate attention. Based on the HSA and Health Intelligence data, health risks, functional health, nutritional status, and longevity indicators are computed for each individual, which is then aggregated for the State of the health report.

Nutritional status:

Nutritional deficiencies, as per various research, affect workplace performance to a concerning extent. Even organisation with a young demographic population has deficient. Nutritional deficiency leads to under-optimised energy levels, cognition, and mood. Also, poor nutritional status is a major cause of increased sick leaves in an organisation which can be attributed to poor immune status. The State of Health report includes details on the nutritional status of your workforce. Nutritional recommendations are very easy to fix using tailored food and supplement recommendations.

Mental Health & Mindset Status:

Next to nutritional deficiency and health risks, poor mental health is one of the major causes of decreased productivity and performance among employees. Mental health such as anxiety, chronic stress, poor cognition, etc can affect the workforce's day-to-day activity level, mood, stamina, ability to multi-tasking, confidence, and identity to work. As per a recent report by WHO, about 12 billion working days are lost globally due to anxiety and depression.

That's why the state of the health report especially focuses on your workforce's mental health status and areas that need attention. Mental health Tools and Services can be deployed based on the data

HR Cockpit:

Measuring the engagement and utilisation of health benefits across the workforce has never been an easy task. It needs a system or a set of tools dedicated to tracking and providing data and recommendations to improve the utilisation. Resolute for Workplace, provides a cutting-edge HR cockpit for its customers, through which managing the distribution of health benefits, and tracking the usability becomes simple and seamless.

Decision Making:

Engagement, Utilisation and Outcome measures are often the crucial measuring pieces of any workplace wellness program's success.

The report generation involves AI tools, clinical experts, health coaches and data scientists to analyse the collected data and design recommendations to improve the wellbeing of individuals and ultimately the organisation. The State of the Health Report helps key decision makers like managers, HRs, CHROs, and CXOs in designing efficient and cost-effective workplace wellbeing programs, keeping in mind the needs, values, and goals of the employees that need to be addressed.

Aggregated Data & Privacy:

All the health data that comes from HSA and Health Intelligence is anonymised. The data is available only to clinicians, practitioners, and the member themselves. HRs and Leaders in an organisation only get anonymised and aggregated data and insights. Also, privacy and data protection are non-negotiable while rolling out a health and wellbeing benefit.


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