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Resolute Health Concierge: Making Care Simple and Seamless

Resolute is integrated virtual care and precision wellness service designed for the modern era. Resolute Active care has an exceptional care team powered by smart technology to create a whole new care experience that unlocks the full health potential for its members.

With “Always-on Personalised Care, Whole Person Whole Family Care, Care Cycle, and health Concierge,” Active Care simplifies care access and elevates care experience. With smart technology along with the care team, Health Concierge will do anything for your health including

  1. Get your entire care navigated by experts
  2. Get Evidence-based Home Care advice
  3. Get assisted in Remote Health Monitoring
  4. Get your Doctor Consultations Scheduled and Managed
  5. Get Diagnostics at Home
  6. Get Pre-emptive and Proactive follow-ups

Get your entire care navigated by experts:

Navigating the streets with digital maps has become so easy these days; why not the same can happen with your health journey? Care navigation is a seamless solution to understand and navigate the complexities of the traditional health care system. Our concierge navigates you to choose the appropriate care based on your needs, which may be home care guidance, doctor or specialist visit, or emergency care.

Get Evidence-based Home Care advice:

Googling your symptoms may not be helpful all the time and can be harmful. How about getting expert advice from qualified medical professionals? Any time of the day, you can always reach Resolute’s Health Concierge when you need them. Get your symptoms triaged and get the right health advice through the concierge. Get evidence-based home-care remedies and self-care advice approved by medical experts. However, Resolute Health Concierge is not for life-threatening emergencies where you must dial emergency services.

Get assisted in Remote Health Monitoring:

Continuous health monitoring was once considered a thing for chronic health conditions and intensive care where symptoms would have already escalated too far. Resolute brings the new era of continuous health monitoring, powered by India's first AI-powered virtual care command center, and makes it part of everyday care.

Monitoring your symptoms automatically starts at the moment the care cycle is started. Resolute will longitudinally track your vitals, symptoms, wearable and diagnostics data.

With continuous monitoring,

  1. It is easy to stick to the care plan.
  2. The care team can understand your health progression.
  3. It enables the care team to do pre-emptive follow-ups.
  4. Doctor gets your longitudinal medical data to make clinical decisions and make care more personalised.
  5. It is easy to follow a self-care routine.
  6. With longitudinal health records and rich data, it is possible to generate a personalised preventive care plan that benefits your long-term health goals.

Get your Doctor Consultations Scheduled and Managed:

Your health is dynamic. “Feeling not well” can happen any time of the day, and it would become complicated if you can’t find time to set a physical appointment with a doctor. On the other hand, finding and scheduling a doctor's appointment online could be sometimes overwhelming and time-consuming.

Resolute is not just a portal to get home-care advice you can also consult with the best doctors and specialists online. Health Concierge will bring the care team on-demand including, nurses, GP's, specialists, and health coaches.

Of course, not just for a single appointment, but throughout the Care Cycle. You can make use of multiple doctor visits and follow-ups based on your care needs and symptoms progression.

Also, your care coordinator will join each of your consultation sessions with doctors to establish remote monitoring and pre-emptive follow-ups.

Here’s how you can do an online doctor consultation in a better way.

Get Diagnostics at Home:

With Resolute’s Health Concierge, accessing all the components of care is simple and convenient, including prescription-driven diagnostics and annual health checks. The care team will arrange diagnostics, at-home sample collection, set a review appointment, do follow-ups on your health progression, emphasize adherence with treatment, and help you recover at the earliest.

You can order annual and specific health checks through Resolute’s diagnostic portal. You can also talk with our “Diagnostic Advisor” to know more about which diagnostic test best suits your health and wellness needs?

Read our detailed post on Why Health Checks are necessary and why you should do one right now?

Get Pre-emptive and Proactive follow-ups:

It was always you who did the follow-ups in the traditional healthcare system. Now Resolute shifts the whole paradigm to where the follow-ups happen from both directions. The care team will do regular check-ins and follow-ups by tracking the progression of your symptoms through sensors and vitals recorded by you. The care team will reach you preemptively throughout your care cycle from the emergence of the symptoms till recovery. The care team ensures that you get expert assistance in each stage of your health journey.

Wait, we have an offer for you!

Resolute understands your needs and values to strive you for better health outcomes. Resolute offers its Health Concierge through mobile application to help you carry the entire primary care in your pocket to make your life a lot easier.

So what are you waiting for? Click the link to download Resolute app and the get your first Care Cycle free.


Q: How does Resolute Health Concierge’s Remote Health Monitoring benefit?

A: Resolute health concierge’s remote health monitoring helps

  1. Reduce the cost of care
  2. Improves access to care
  3. Improves self-care and care plan adherence
  4. Improves clinical decision driven by data

Q: How to order health checks at home?

A: Resolute offers two easy ways to order health checks from the comfort of your home.

Download Resolute App. Create an account and book diagnostics.

Reach out to Resolute Diagnostics and order at-home health checks.

Q: Who manages Resolute’s Health Concierge?

A: Resolute has a unified platform powered by Artificial Intelligence and smart technology. However, it is managed by experts from the field of medicine and technology.

Q: Is it worth getting a Resolute’s second medical opinion?

A: In most cases, a second medical opinion could help you with more insights into your symptoms and more treatment options.

Q: Is Telemedicine only about doctor consultation?

A: Telemedicine is not only about doctor consultation, at least at Resolute. Through its health concierge, Resolute can do anything for your health from delivering evidence-based home care advice to scheduling a doctor/specialist appointment, from doing continuous monitoring to conducting pre-emptive follow-ups, nutrition and sleep coaching, and much more.


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